Journal "Herald of surgical gastroenterology"


The publishers of the journal “Herald of surgical gastroenterology” are SBIHC Region clinic hospital Nr 2 (RCH Nr 2) and All-Russian public organization “Russian society of surgeons-gastroentorologists”.

RCH Nr 2 is high-capacity scientific, practice and educational institute. The main researching and methodological area is development and wide introduction of modern effective technologies: non-invasive, mini-invasive and invasive diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment, training specialists and raising the level of clinic skill for wide number of doctors.

The high-capacity material security and human resources of RCH Nr 2 (98 MD and 14 professors have been working now), wide introduction of modern informational and medical technologies are the base for successful realization of priority national projects. The surgical departments fulfill up to 30 000 operations including high-technological ones every year. Among these operations there are up to 100 ones on pancreatic tumors and esophageal plastics, and surgical hepatic transplantation has been fulfilled from 2012 year.

All-Russian public organization “Russian society of surgeons-gastroentorologists” was formed in 2004. It unites the leading Russian and foreign specialists in surgical gastroenterology. This organization developed educational surgical gastroenterology programs, spends regularly all-Russian meetings and conferences, publishes journal “Herald of surgical gastroenterology”. The aim of educational programs is organization of modern medical information ensuring that is necessary for members of Society to their work.